Thursday, January 24, 2013

The countdown begins: 9

As of this morning, I lack NINE more pounds to have lost all of my 14 pound regain (that I hate with a purple passion). I think this is worthy of a countdown. Hey--anything to hype me up and keep me faithful! :)

One thing that I loved during my September 2011- September 2012 really losing weight year was the many comments I would get from people. Do you know what happens when you quit losing or regain? People quit commenting. Because really, what can they say? "Hey...I was just noticing that you look a little fatter than you did last month. You aren't losing now, are you?" uh. no. So people just don't say anything. Today, my mom said "Amy, you sure are looking skinny" and it just totally made my day. It was my first comment in a long while. It confirmed to my inner man that the healthy me is back. I'm back on the ball again. woot!

~Amy aka thatTOPSlady

P.S. In reference to the "Amy, you look skinny" comment, "skinny" is relative. I'm a size 22. I'm no Shania Twain. However, compared to the 331 pound me who wore a size 32, I AM skinny. I'm loving it. (forgive me if that makes you think of McDonald's) :)


  1. Funny I too gained 14 pounds since my surgery and Christmas and now I need to lose 9 more pounds to get back to the lowest weight again which was 265. I loved your post yesterday and printed it out and told my TOPS group last night. We had a great discussion about it and I am holding on to your phrase.

    It really hits home, thanks so much putting it out there.

    Onward and DOWNWARD we are going !!!!

    Many hugs,

  2. You are going to leave those 9 lbs in the dust!!

  3. A sweet older lady at church has been praying for me for about a year (at my request). It took a while to get moving (literally). On Sunday, I was filling her in on my progress (down 8.5 pounds since January 1). She said, "I noticed you were thinning out right here" (my hips). I was slightly amused, but grateful. At just under 300 pounds, I don't really expect 8.5 pounds to show on my hips. But it was sweet just the same. (She probably weighs 98 pounds dripping wet!)