Monday, September 5, 2011

When the scale has let you down......keep doing the right thing.

So I have been pretty much perfect for the past 6 days or so. Not over on my calories AT ALL--picked exercise back up--eating my veggies and drinking my water.

And tonight was weigh-in and I stayed EXACTLY THE SAME.

Pooey on the scale for being that way!

Regardless, I will continue to do what I know is right and it WILL WILL will WILL go down as long as I'm staying faithful. Maybe my body has gotten used to me and is saying "There's no need in rewarding her for what she has done the past week because I know she's about to blow it again and deserve this fat." Nope. Gonna prove it wrong.

I'm going to be FAITHFUL.

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  1. My weigh in was tonight and I was sweating it. Cause I was bad yesterday on the holiday. I indulged in an overabundance of hot dogs at a cookout. Stepped on the scale and had lost .2 lbs. Not much, but hey, I'll take it. Hope you have a great week.