Monday, April 28, 2014

staring at the wall

I often feel like I am hindered from accomplishing the million things I need to do because I'm holding my sweet yet cranky baby who doesn't want to be put down. And yet, at times like this moment, when he has fallen asleep for a nap, I stare at the wall and think, "What do I need to be doing?"...and if I stare too long, he wakes and the moment is gone and all I've accomplished is a good wall stare LOL

Go to the bathroom. Ok. That's kind of important. I will do that now. Be right back.

I'm back.'s not like I can't find something I need to do, because EVERYTHING needs to be done. But I must focus on what MUST be done or it won't get done. Know what I mean?

So, even though I'm giving myself permission to write in this blog for 5 minutes, (because I haven't updated in SO long!) I have to sit down and prioritize this day.

What are your daily priorities?

Right now, the things that I strive for each day most of all are: Calorie counting and meal pre-planning, exercise, prayer, cook supper (everyone fends for themselves for the other meals), get to bed when the baby falls asleep at night, be clean.

Pretty basic!

If I accomplish all of that, I may even do laundry ;)

I'm busy........and tired. But I know this is just a season. Babies grow so quickly! It seems like my 15-year-old was a baby just last week.

However, I am NOT going to allow myself to be on the back burner during this season. I'm tired of waiting. I must reach for my goals and dreams in the midst of it all. And I can. And I will.

This morning I sit at 30 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight and I am 5 weeks postpartum. I'm READY for the weight to be gone and to fit in smaller clothes.

I've started training for a 5K that will happen toward the end of June. My goal is for the pregnancy pounds to be gone by then.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts! I just needed to get it out there!

Soon I hope to post a picture---even though I am unhappy with the way I look right now---I want to document the process. Even the parts we aren't happy with are still part of the story.

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