Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eat clean and build a church

Ok. I admit, the two items in the title have nothing to do with each other OTHER than the fact that I'm going to discuss them both in today's post. :)

Eat clean: I've been reading a book called "Eat to Live". It stresses the importance of eating leafy greens most of all (a pound a day, it suggests), followed by other veggies, then fruits, then nuts and seeds. If you've ever heard of the Daniel fast, this is the kind of eating this book endorses. So, I've been taking that book in and swishing it around in my brain. Then hubby and I went to a nutrition seminar at a local holistic doctor's office. She will be starting a 6 week class on Febrary 19th, complete with homework and accountability...and although I KNOW she's going to have me do things that are beyond my comfort level (i.e. eat really really really clean and learn to do yoga), I SIGNED UP. :) So.....yeah.

Building a church: I'm reading one of my pastor's books. It is called "Building a Church: 7 Apostolic Principles". He actually only asked me to read the section about the care group coordinator responsibilities (that's my title). However, I loved it and asked if I could read the whole book. What I've read thus far, and what the care group program is about, is making sure everyone feels the love that the church has for them and that no one falls through the cracks. I admit, as it is now, if someone in the church is in the hospital or has a loved one die, we all sit around and say "I wonder if the church will do something. I guess the pastor's wife will." Well, this program makes sure that proceedures are in place so it isn't all just the pastor's wife responsibility. It is that person's care group leader's responsibility. And that leader can call on other appointed people to help (such as bringing meals for 3 days in the event of a death). Anyway.............great program........aand I'm excited about it. The Bible says "THIS is how they will know you are my disciples: that you have love one for another". Well.....we DO have love one for another. However, we sometimes mess up on effectively communicating that love. Love in a way that can be received. :)

ta ta for now. :)


  1. You class sounds really interesting!
    My Mom's church does care groups.

  2. This is something that is missing from my church community. There are too many cliches, too much emphasis on power and leading and not enough examples of leaders loving. I have never 'shopped' for a church but for a couple of years now I have understood why people do.