Sunday, July 15, 2012

mile stones

Definition of Milestone, from wikipedia: A milestone is one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road at intervals of one mile or occasionally, parts of a mile. They are also known as mile markers, or mile posts.Milestones are constructed to provide reference points along the road. This can be used to reassure travellers that the proper path is being followed, and to indicate either distance travelled or the remaining distance to a destination.

The first mile markers were made of stone, hence the name "mile stone". In ancient days, only a few miles could be traveled in a day. The milestones had great meaning to those travelers. This reminds me of a scripture: Joshua chapter 3 and 4. The Israelites (exceedingly large number of people) needed to cross a river. When those who were carrying the ark of the covenant stepped their feet into the water, the water fled and all of the Israelites crossed over on DRY ground. (it wasn't even muddy!) God told them to gather stones from the river bed and to build a memorial, so that when their children were older, they would ask "What do these stones mean?" and they would tell them, and the story wouldn't die.

Each of us have come so far with our weight loss. Have you noticed the milestones? Speeding down the busy highway of life, we often forget to notice them. This week, I challenge you to notice the mile markers in your journey. Maybe gather more stones and make a memorial out of it, so your story will be told from years to come. Take pictures. Make a list of things you can do now that you couldn't before.

In Washington D.C., there is a milemarker that is numbered zero. It is intended to be the mile marker from which all distances in the united states are measured. Look back at YOUR mile marker zero, where you started. Did out the pictures of you from your heaviest. Remember and write down the ways your life was different then. You have come so far from mile marker zero! What a journey!


  1. I hope you are feeling better since your previous post. I've been away but I am thinking of you. I am glad you posted as honestly as you did. You can never go wrong with being honest.

  2. Just checking in on you Amy. How's things?