Thursday, July 7, 2011

Venting about homeschooling

I would vent on my homeschool blog, but I am locked out of it! That really adds to my frustration!

First of all, a little background. I love homeschooling. My kids are 9 and 12 and have never been "in school". Whether you agree or not doesn't matter. I love it. It is my conviction.

Also, my husband is socially backward. He is super quiet and doesn't look people in the eye, etc. That's just him. And yes, he was public schooled. My 12 year old son is just like him. Awkward.

I just got off the phone with someone whose opinion I respect (my mother of all people!) and they said "Amy, why don't you see how much the christian school costs? Your kids are getting older and they need to be around other kids." It was a huge slap in the face and I want to cry but I held myself together. (btw, I am in a homeschool social group and we have once per month field trips and once per month park days) I replied "Oh, but I LIKE to homeschool." You know how you hear what someone is saying and you interpret it? I interpreted her remarks as the following: "You are failing at homeschooling your kids. They are social outcasts." Well, guess what. My kids have the personality they have because that is just who they are. I believe they would still be extremely quiet even in the midst of a million other kids their age. Do you know their dad? Are my kids not a splitting image of him socially? Yes. They are. And their dad was public schooled. It didn't make him a social butterfly. *sigh* I just need to vent. >>>>>going to talk to my (heavenly) Daddy.


  1. Ok. I feel better now. Here's the thought that came to me. "There are some mothers who don't even try--mothers who sleep while their kids pick out something to put on and get on the yellow school bus each day-- mothers who never help their kids with their homework-- mothers who are drunk half the time-- many mothers who aren't giving any thought to their children and yet somehow their kids turn out okay. Surely, SURELY, with as much energy as I pour into my children, trying to make sure they are well educated and being concerned about so many aspects of their life, surely my kids will turn out okay too. Plus, the Lord is taking care of it. :) Thanks for listening to me vent. :)

  2. Sorry to hear that someone so close to you has discouraged you about homeschooling. Do stick to your guns - it's the best thing for your kids!

    I have a niece who is the most backward person I've ever met (might have heard her speak 100 words in all of her 18 years). Her father is the same way. She went to public school until 9th grade, when her mother pulled her out to homeschool. If anything, her personality has flourished with homeschooling. She has come out of her shell a little (not a lot, since she's just naturally backward).

    My own children are homeschooled, and I believe in it with all my heart. If we lived right next door to a Christian school, I'd probably still homeschool. (I used to teach at a private Christian school, and I know it's not perfect like some people think.)

    Keep encouraged! You really do know what's best for your kids. :)