Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm under 300!!!!!!!!!

You should open this link and listen to this song while you read this post. It's my favorite song of the day :) highest weight ever was 331, right before I joined TOPS.

I was down to 327.25 when I joined.

Prior to that, I had spent most of my 9 years living in Alabama at 278.

I lost down to 250 one year for my anniversary.

I was about 220 when I married, at age 18, 14 years ago.

ANYWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was exactly 300 when I went into LABOR with BOTH kids, so I've always felt like that was the weight that my body said "Whoa!" LOL

And this evening, I weighed 298 on the wii!!!! Now, just do that on OFFICIAL scales!

Speaking of, my TOPS state coordinator is planning to come down a week from Monday to help me have a Open House for our new chapter. And she has scales she will let us use, so we don't have to worry about that! yay! It is coming together!


  1. That's incredibly awesome!!!! Cheering for you, my friend!!!


    My best always

  2. Hoping you NEVER see that number ever ever again! :-D Congrats to you!