Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The one thing I was not.

I was a lot of things today: busy, rushed, frustrated, happy, nervous, sweaty, thirsty, just to name a few.

But the one thing I was NOT is lazy! Oh my goodness, what a day! Busy, busy, run, run. I won't bore you with details...but it was hectic! Glad I got through it. And yes, I did have the Bible study and it all went well and I am feeling a LOT better...just a little snotty nosed now.

Katie, good suggestion about the iron level, but I have been tested and I'm not anemic. I was just tired from being sick. Yeah, I had my blood drawn once (well, about a year ago) and they said the only things off in my blood were that I had too much (I know, crazy....they told me I should donate more often) and that my protein levels were too low.

Shelley, I'm sorry someone was ugly to you. :( Shame on them. I hope you are having a better day.

I am exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhausted! (but I'm still going to check facebook messages, because I am addicted, yeah)

I KNOW I need to start posting pics on here again. That's on my list under the heading of "soon"! the way!................*smiley face*...........I lost 3 pounds this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I weighed 304.75 yay me!


  1. Yay you!! 3 pounds is awesome!! Glad to hear you're feeling better and staying busy!

  2. Congrats on the three pounds! I better hurry up or you're going to leave me behind! You sound so much better now - I am glad, too : )

  3. I read Pam's blog and followed you here. I would rather comment than blog!!! Anyhow congrats on your weight loss. I am much older than you but I feel and am in the process of starting a new career at age 62! I'm really excited about that and want to get healthier so I will be around a lot longer. I was never a 'large' person until my mid 40s when I seemed to gain 5 pounds every year. That adds to way too many pounds now. I stopped gaining a few years ago but I lose weight so slowly it's more like maintenance. I can tell you I have joined and dropped out of Weight Watchers over 12 times and tried many diets and must have 12 diet books. I also like to cook and bake drat it!!!! We can do it- yes, we can...WE CAN. I also teach Sunday school and am very active in my church. I've contemplated starting a weight loss group there- pastor and his wife are both considerably overweight and struggle with it- but for some reason I've never put action to my thoughts.

  4. Nan, other than being older than me and starting a new career, we sound a lot alike! Thanks for reading :) I wish you the best of luck!

  5. Good job on the 3 lbs. You are so close to getting out of the 300s! Happy day!